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by admin on August 23, 2014

Physics is basically the science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions. Modern extensions of physics include particle physics, nuclear physics, cryogenics etc. Physics is essentially a natural science that seeks to study matter and the motion of matter through time and space in association with concepts like force and energy. Whether you want to study motion or magnets, light or electricity, you must undertake physics projects to understand how different materials combine with each other and how materials change. This will enable students of physics to understand how our universe actually works. Since physics covers a wide range of subjects, you can choose from a rather wide range of topics for your physics projects. For instance, when you are keen to know more about magnets, you can undertake a project to find out whether magnetic bracelets are actually effective in relieving back pains or joint pains. The following are some exciting physics project ideas that students can benefit from:

    • Addictive color project to find out how white light can be produced.
    • The Balloon Rocket Car that shows Newton’s third law of motion.
    • Building an electromagnet to demonstrate how electromagnetism works
    • Create own lightning using stuff that you will find at the local supermarket
    • Building a machine to trace line of earth’s magnetic field
    • Floating ball experiment to prove air pressure dynamics

    • Place egg in bottle and extract it intact using air pressure properties
    • Floating balloon project to show buoyancy of warm air
    • Showing whether friction can cause vibration in a glass by rubbing the index finger against its rim
    • Creating long lasting bubbles
    • Showing how sunlight is intensified through magnifying glass and using this energy to melt ice cubes
    • Creating a fuse model to prevent fire due top faulty wiring
    • Building parallel circuits to connect all home electrical devices
    • Showing how elevators work through pulleys by making an elevator system
    • Building an electrical circuit to understand its various parts and how electricity flows in it
    • Experiments to show how water displacement can make objects float rather than sinking
    • Experiments to find out what triggers static electricity by rubbing two products of different kinds
    • Matchbox guitar to show how the string instruments work
    • Showing how light rays form reflections on coming in touch with smooth surfaces
    • Musical bottles to demonstrate how sounds of different pitches are produced
    • Identifying a hardboiled egg from other eggs which are uncooked, thereby proving its inertia.
    • Creating a jar compass to show the earth’s magnetic force

  • Lifting an ice cube using a string from water in a glass
  • Building a paper bridge which is strong to support many cars and showing the force of tension
  • Pythagorean tuning to show how sound is affected by the length of any piece
  • Rubber heat reaction experiment to show rubber reacts when it is exposed to high heat levels

These are some exciting physics project ideas that can help students studying this discipline understand it better. Hands-on projects are always the best learning tools because students are more likely to remember these than regular class lectures on physics topics.

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