IEEE Projects

by admin on December 6, 2014

IEEE basically stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This organization is comprised of scientists and engineers and allied professionals like IT professionals, physicists, computer scientists, medical doctors and software developers. The organization is essentially committed to advancing improvement and advancement in technological excellence. It offers learning opportunities in the fields of science, technology and research and strives to promote growth and knowledge in electricity-related professionals. IEEE projects are essentially projects that are based on the IEEE papers. To choose a project idea however, the student needs to first identify the domain and then browse through the IEEE digital online library to view all papers. Students can then search for project ideas based on their areas of interest or the technologies they may be interested in. A few of these IEEE project ideas are listed below for the convenience of students:

    • A project on rescue and protection for the underground mine workers
    • Using robotic technology to improve lives of those people suffering from different kinds of physical disabilities by helping them pick up everyday objects.
    • The VSLI architecture and chips for protecting rights of digital content and intellectual property rights that comes under threat because of the overuse of the Internet.
    • Project to avoid collision using fuzzy steering controller
    • Accident alert system in modern traffic using camera
    • An ATM terminal design that is based on recognizing fingerprints
    • Using face recognition technology to manage attendance

    • Automatic light dim and dip controller
    • Car controlled systems operation
    • Fuel injector operated by voice
    • Automatic plant irrigation system
    • Sensing vehicle speeding devices
    • Automatic solar mobile charging
    • Fuel tank refilling system that is automatic
    • Auto speed braking systems
    • Using human ear for biometric authentication
    • Battery optimizer applied in Android mobile devices
    • Android apps for calling taxis
    • Access to network using mobile communication technology
    • Accessing computer
    • 3D maps for Personal Digital Assistant
    • Smart car transportation system
    • Train scheduling system
    • Bandwidth monitor
    • Auto text summarization
    • E-post office
    • E-fashion

  • E-bidding
  • E-tutor jobs
  • Air powered car
  • Alcohol detector
  • Air disk break
  • Anti theft alarm for cars
  • Air cooler and air heater

In today’s world, students are found to lack practical knowledge even though they may be very well-versed with theoretical concepts. They have a tendency to memorize the text books without understanding their practical usage. Incidentally, students are even taking the help of project centers to do their own projects in order to save a lot of time. This is rather counterproductive and students must be encouraged to do IEEE projects independently. These project ideas can be helpful because these will give them a fair idea of what kinds of projects they can undertake when they are engaged in IEEE courses. Projects are designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the course they are studying. It is indispensable for engineering students to do these projects before they get their degrees and start looking for employment.

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