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by admin on October 1, 2014

Mechanical engineering is a favored stream among students desiring to join engineering courses. The principles of mechanical engineering find relevance in your everyday life. Students of mechanical engineering have to submit projects as part of their curriculum. This not only brings out their level of understanding but also helps them to put into use the theoretical knowledge gained into practical and real use applications.

Here are some mechanical projects that can be taken up by students of mechanical engineering.

    • Human powered helicopter: A program for design and construction
    • Mechanical properties of materials made of nano cellulose
    • Energy density and volume expansion in solid-liquid phase change, for energy applications
    • Multi objective optimization of solar assisted absorption cooling system
    • Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
    • How does industrial symbiosis influence environmental performance?
    • Robotic trolley for material handling
    • Strategies for co-operated wood chip fired and municipal waste fired combined heat and power plants
    • hydraulic lifting system for four wheeler
    • Real time sequence control system for machines
    • Kinematics analysis of a parallel robot with a passive segment
    • Power generation using speed breakers and efficient use of energy
    • Safety airbags in cars
    • Fabrication of pneumatic mobile crane
    • Fabrication of vertical axis wind turbine and horizontal axis windmill

    • Emissions reduction using hydrogen from plasmatron fuel converters
    • Pendulum based water pumping system
    • Converting sea water to drinking water using solar power
    • Fabrication of black box in aeroplanes
    • Automatic pneumatic can crusher with continuous feeding system
    • Engine management and automatic cooling fan operating system
    • Contour attachment for lathe machines
    • Cold chamber die casting machine
    • Efficiency increasing system by using preheating method
    • Compressed air vehicle-design
    • Industrial motor safety controller
    • Power generation in homes using windmill and solar panel
    • Future opportunities and challenges of the sustainability of biofuels
    • zig zag pneumatic lift
    • Pedal controlled mobile charger cum emergency light
    • Automatic vehicle smoke analyser
    • Vacuum braking system
    • Injector design and test for a high power electrodeless plasma thruster
    • Design and packaging of an iron-gallium (Galfenol) nanowire acoustic sensor for underwater applications
    • Analysis of metal to composite adhesive joins in space applications
    • Assessment of humidity management effects on PEM fuel cell performance
    • Evaluation of experimental forced response data of a turbine stage with respect to different stator blade damages
    • Evaluation of a mecanum wheel based mobile robotic platform
    • Measurement and analysis of the pressure distribution around a model wind turbine operating in a wind tunnel closed test section.
    • Investigating the effect of alloying elements in zinc bath on the physical properties of galvanizing coats
    • Laser interferometer application: Gauge block comparator

  • Angle measurement apparatus improvement
  • PC based programmable paint machine
  • Anti lock sensotronic braking system
  • PCB fabrication
  • Refrigerator powered by solar energy
  • Joystick controlled robotic crane with up/down pulley arrangement and circular motion
  • Motorized object lifting jack


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