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by admin on October 1, 2014

Today, group discussion has emerged as the most recent trend for evaluating a student’s personality. In this, a group of students are given a topic to discuss amongst themselves for a stipulated time period during which they get the opportunity to showcase their communication and logical skills. While group discussions can be very beneficial as it helps to enhance your own learning, they are also rather illuminating since students get to learn more about the topic from their peers. You can come across some new viewpoints about the topic in question and even learn some new facts about it. This process of shared learning is mutually simulating and through shared learning every student gains a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. A group discussion aims to test your language proficiency and vocabulary aptitude, academic know-how, people handling skills and leadership talent, capacity for team work and overall knowledge about things around you.

Group discussions can help you prepare better for an examination. During such discussions, you weaknesses come to the forefront and you can work on rectifying them. Incorrect concepts are corrected and your study methods improve. Finally, group discussions are extremely useful for enhancing your communication skills. This is imperative for preparing you for job interviews eventually. These are only some of the reasons why more and more companies and schools are using group discussion techniques to assess the skills and abilities of any candidate. The following are some interesting group discussion topics:

    • Freedom of expression and state authority
    • Nothing succeeds like success
    • Women are equally confident as their male counterparts
    • Ethics and business go hand in hand
    • Need to stop the brain drain
    • Marxism and the future of this ideology
    • Individual freedom and civil society
    • Science a boon or bane

    • Religion and politics must not mix
    • How necessary is foreign trade for a nation’s survival?
    • Liberalization and its impact on poverty
    • Women make great managers
    • Privatization can lower corruption
    • Free market helps a country grow
    • Ways to deal with escalating oil prices
    • Computer dependency: good or bad
    • Beauty contests undermine womanhood
    • Global terrorism
    • The war in Iraq
    • Benefits of co-education
    • Who is responsible for the environment?
    • Effects of movies on youth
    • Balance between profession and home
    • UN role in peacekeeping

  • Environment management
  • Is Internet a boon or a bane?
  • Has examination killed education?
  • Genetically modified products- are these a blessing or a curse?
  • Should mercy killing be made legal?
  • Is it right to nationalize water resources?

These are some important questions that we can seek to discuss in a group discussion. These are all pressing social and economic issues which may benefit from valuable suggestions given by students. Group discussion can help in superior decision making besides helping students ponder over issues that deserve attention. This is why group discussions are today held as the most effective ways of screening candidates for a job. Evaluators can now select the best candidates easily by assessing their group discussion skills.

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