Computer Science Projects List

by admin on August 23, 2014

Students are opting for computer science as a branch of engineering. It is also chosen as a major at under graduate levels (Bachelor of computer science) and at post graduate levels (masters of computer applications). In addition to acquiring these degrees, students also undertake various certification examinations and specific courses. Projects are an essential adjunct to the course and professors encourage students to submit as many projects as they can.

Listed below are some computer science projects

    • A distributed database architecture for global roaming in next generation mobile networks IEEE
    • Genetic algorithm based train simulation using concurrent engineering
    • Multimillion dollar maintenance using WLS algorithms
    • Intelli WAP system implementation/WAP based information retrieval system
    • Neural network based character pattern identification system
    • Sockets programming in Python-Building a Python chat server
    • JSP based shopping cart implementation
    • Algorithms and software for problems in radiosurgery, radiation therapy and other medical applications
    • Spontaneous Information and Resource Sharing
    • Debugging grids with machine learning techniques
    • Bug tracking system
    • Languages and systems for data intensive scientific computing
    • vector base
    • Intelligent robot human interaction and embedded system
    • Efficient testing for system on chip design – a new VLSI manufacturing paradigm

    • Web technology for computer networking
    • Fault tolerance with checkpoint and recovery protocols in cluster based distributed system
    • A testbed for mobile e-learning system
    • Cross layer video transmission over 802 11 using rate adaptation and adaptive encoding
    • Security issue of a cloud based storage
    • Debugging grids with machine learning techniques
    • Mobile station project in Java with source code
    • Speech recognition and fusion with other modalities to interact with a car rental application using unifies multimodal interaction framework
    • Smart parking system
    • Efficient coding technique for aerospace telecommand system
    • Organizing user search histories using Java
    • Wireless distributed intrusion detection system   and a new attack model
    • Scalable bioinformatics
    • Remote LAN locking
    • Cardless ATM banking through SMS
    • E-dictionary using .Net
    • Arduino based touchpad tic tac toe game
    • Unique ID management system project
    • Automatic database schema generation using Java
    • Leave management system using .Net
    • Gram-based fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing
    • Wi-Fi based mobile quiz
    • Authentication of users by typing patterns using Java
    • Application remote control using Bluetooth
    • Graphical user interface for oracle using Java
    • Data leakage detection using cloud computing
    • Java mail system with source code
    • Online shopping inventory system
    • Railway reservation system
    • Enriching circuit switched mobile phone calls with cooperative mobile applications

  • Doodle processing system using cinder graphics and bullet physics
  • Online admission system
  • Online movie ticket booking system
  • Reminder applications
  • Dynamic cache consistency schemes for wireless cellular networks
  • Scalable multimedia content analysis in high level language
  • Universal web based file coordinator
  • Security implementation in WAN networks
  • J3ME and Bluetooth enabled mobile based full duplex automation system.

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