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by admin on October 1, 2014

C is a high level language for computer programming and this was introduced in the seventies at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie. Although it had been originally created as a programming language, very soon it was found to be highly flexible which found use in different applications. Starting from engineering programs to a wide variety of business programs, the C language is in much demand. C can be easily used by PC users because it requires less memory compared to other languages. When students have learnt the basics of this programming language, they should proceed to create certain applications for sharpening their skills even further. The best way to do this is to start making C projects; a student should ideally begin with a simplistically designed application and find out how it functions before building a larger application. For instance, students are recommended to start with console application that does not include graphics. To include the latter, the students must have learnt graphics libraries. You should include more programming constructs like basic arithmetic functions, user defined functions, pointers, arrays, dynamic memory allocation, handling of files etc to gain confidence in handling the language. The following are some interesting C project ideas for the benefit of students:

    • A mini project like the library management system which is made using the C language for handling files. Simple C files make up the database of this project and it can be very handy for people who are just starting out with projects in C. the project will let students add and view records, save and modify records and even delete records. The entire program is password protected.
    • Calendar application is also another C project that uses window properties for making it appear attractive. The calendar can be handy for viewing dates and months and also for showing the day corresponding to a particular date. There are simple arrow keys for easy navigation.

    • Employee record system can be taken as another fantastic C project idea because it involves menus for basic database management. The data can be written and read in binary files, records can be modified and deleted and the project works very well for students stepping into the world of database management.
    • Simple digital clock program
    • Medical store inventory system
    • Student record system using files as database
    • Quiz applications can be created using C where the source code is divided into multiple header files for better management. The project is divided into player and administrator modes and questions can be suitably added, edited and deleted through the administrator mode.

  • Program for getting Group ID information
  • Programs to calculate typing speeds
  • Calculating Pascal triangle
  • Video library management system
  • Finding LCM or GCD

These are some exciting C project ideas that students can choose from when they are looking for places to apply their knowledge of the basics of this programming language. These projects will give them the confidence and expertise to work on more elaborate and complicated applications using the language.

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